The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission


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Research and Education

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

First established in 1935, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) is the sole institution educating veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in Norway. The school is also responsible for the major part of all veterinary research conducted in the country.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Fisheries and wildlife research in Greenland.

Danish Polar Centre

Provides services and logistical support, and publishes information on research in Greenland.

Marine Research Institute, Iceland

" . . . to acquire knowledge of the marine environment around Iceland and its living resources."

Institute of Marine Research, Norway

"National centre for research on coastal and ocean life and the marine environment."

Norwegian College of Fisheries Science

A centre for learning and research on fisheries located in Tromsø, Norway.


Educational site focussing on whales and whale research.


Whales and whaling in the Faroe Islands

This site is a general introduction to whales and whaling in the Faroe Islands.

MARMAM e-mail discussion list

An e-mail discussion forum on marine mammal research.


The European Cetacean Society (ECS)

The European Cetacean Society (ECS) was established in January 1987 and aims to promote and advance the scientific studies and conservation efforts of marine mammals and to gather and disseminate information about cetaceans to members of the Society and the public at large. The ECS is coordinated by a Council of 11 members and each year organizes an Annual Conferences in a European country.

The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM)

The objectives of the Society for Marine Mammalogy are to evaluate and promote the educational, scientific and managerial advancement of marine mammal science, to gather and disseminate to members of the Society, the public and public and private institutions, scientific, technical and management information through publications and meetings and to provide scientific information, as required, on matters related to the conservation and management of marine mammal resources. The Society publishes a variety of items including the journalMarine Mammal Science. The SMM organises biennially (odd years) a conference on the biology of marine mammals.



European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM)

The E.A.A.M. is an organisation of people interested in marine mammals in human care, in a zoological environment or in the wild, and includes veterinarians, biologists, zoo and marine park directors and managers, trainers (husbandry professionals), researchers, students and other persons who devote a significant amount of time to the welfare of marine mammals through research, medical care, training, education, conservation, management and related activities.

Publishes a journal "Aquatic Mammals" jointly with the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) and the International Marine Mammal Trainers' Association (IMATA).

Sierra Club

The Club is America's oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization. A source of wealth of information, and interesting publications.