The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission


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Management Committees

The Management Committees make proposals for conservation and management and recommendations for scientific research with respect to stocks of marine mammals within their mandate.The Management Committees' activities are governed by their Rules of Procedure. At the NAMMCO 16th Council meeting (2007), the former General Management Committee was restructured into two Management Committees, one for Cetaceans and a second for Seals and Walruses.

The Management Committees comprises members appointed by the member nations. The Management Committees meets annually and the next meeting is scheduled for the second week of February 2015 and will be held in the Faroe Islands.The reports of the Management Committees are included in the Annual Reports which can be found here.

The current Chair and Vice-Chair of the Management Committee for Cetaceans:

 Ulla 1 03112011 Ulla S. Wang (FO), Chair MC Cetaceans

 nette Nette Levermann (G), Vice-Chair MC Cetaceans


Iceland holds the Chair and the Faroe Islands holds the Vice-Chair of the Management Committee for Seals and Walruses.



The Management Committees may appoint working groups to investigate specific issues. These have included an Ad Hoc Working Group on Enhancing Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM), a Working Group on By-Catch, and a Working Group on User Knowledge in Management. Topics considered under EBM and User Knowledge in Management were in 2007 transferred to Council and any associated Working Groups were requested to report directly to Council. The By-Catch topic was also transferred to the Scientific Committee for consideration.