The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission


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Research in NAMMCO Member Countries

Scientists from the NAMMCO member countries are involved in many different research projects related to marine mammals in the North Atlantic. A few of the highlights can be found below:

Ringed Seal Research

Walrus Research

Beluga Research

Narwhal Research

Common Minke Whale Research

Fin Whale Research

Long-finned Pilot Whale Research


 MPHJ Narhval sender 01

Satellite tag on a narwhal. Photo: M.P. Heide-Jørgensen

FMNH Bjarne tagged whale IMG 4430blackwhite 8

Satellite tagging a pilot whale in the Faroes. Photo: Bjarni Mikkelsen

 CLydersen Walrus Tak on tusk 111 1115Walrus with a satellite tag on it's tusk. Photo: C. Lydersen


Summer distribution of common minke whales in the North Atlantic, showing sightings and effort from all North Atlantic Sightings surveys, 1987 - 2007, as well as 2007 CODA and SNESSA surveys.

You can read more about marine mammal research in the NAMMCO member countries on the individual Institute's webpages:

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Institute of Marine Research (Norway)

Norwegian Polar Institute

Marine Research Institute (Iceland)

Museum of Natural History (Faroe Islands)