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Marine Mammals

This series of reports presents the conservation status of all stocks of marine mammals of interest to NAMMCO, i.e. those species and stocks present in the NAMMCO area of competence.

Focussing on the North Atlantic, these pages provide general information on the species and also reports the conservation status on a stock basis. It is intended to provide the most recent information suitable both for specialists and general readers interested in marine mammal conservation.

The reports were compiled under the guidance of the NAMMCO Secretariat, Scientific Committee and Council. The conservation status reflects the views and findings of the Scientific Committee of NAMMCO. Further information is based on the work carried out under the NAMMCO umbrella and in NAMMCO countries.

The reports of the expert Working Groups that have prepared the assessments for the Scientific Committee are referred to and are accessible online, together with the Scientific Committee Report relating the conclusion of the Scientific Committee.

The Stock reports are completed and updated as new information becomes available or a new assessment is performed. The date of the last update is indicated on the species opening page.