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Aerial Survey


Iceland Aerial Design

The survey design for the Icelandic aerial survey in 2015. The red lines indicate the planned transects. 

The aerial survey was conducted on board a Partenavia, and focussed on coastal areas. The observers used a newly-constructed device to help measure accurate angles, which is important for calculating the density of whales on the survey area.


Iceland Aerial Dan P1020087 640x480Iceland Aerial observers P1020090 640x480Iceland aerial front seat view P1020091 640x480
Observers on the Icelandic aerial surveys headed out for a day of counting whales. Photos: Dan Pike
Iceland Aerial Geometer used by Dan P1020121 640x480 Dan Pike using the new geometer to record angle measurements to the sightings of whales. 


Ship-based Surveys

The Icelandic ship-based surveys were conducted on two ships sailing at about the same time.  

R/V Árni Fridriksson

This research vessel conducted a combined cetacean and fisheries (redfish and mackerel) survey from 10 June - 8 August 2015, with just a few days off during that time.

Follow the R/V Árni Fridriksson!

4 Research 3 Research P Arni Fridriksson copyright Marine reserch institute

R/V Árni Fridriksson. Photo: Marine Research Institute, Iceland



R/V Bjarni Saemundsson

The R/V Bjarni Saemundsson surveyed for cetaceans from 9 June until 26 July 2015, with only 4 days break. 

Follow the R/V Bjarni Saemundsson! 

Bjarni Saemundsson Photo Jon Pall Asgeirsson
R/V Bjarni Saemundsson. Photo: Jon Pall Asgeirsson