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Hunting manuals

The Committee on Hunting Methods has developed manuals for the maintenance and use of weaponry and equipment deployed in whale hunting in NAMMCO member countries. The aim of the manuals is to increase the safety for the hunters and the efficiency of the hunt and at the same time minimize the animal suffering.

Target groups are whalers, inspectors and wildlife officers, observers and others engaged in whaling. 


While these manuals have been developed to try to maximise safe and successful operations, whaling operations are complex and can be unpredictable; following these guidelines does not necessarily guarantee personal safety, a successful hunt, or operation in accordance with national rules and regulations (permits and/or letters of authorisation). All responsibility is upon the hunters to undertake safe activities under their best judgment. NAMMCO and the authors of the manuals are not liable for any actions taken as a result of these manuals. 

The three manuals are available in the following languages: