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Shooting trials on heads of dead pilot whales 2004

The Workshop on Hunting Methods for Marine Mammals arranged by NAMMCO in Nuuk, Greenland in 1999 made a number of recommendations dealing with different subjects with the aim to improve hunting efficiency in its member countries (NAMMCO Annual Report 1999). Among others, it recommended that Greenland initiated studies in co-operation with the hunters, to test bullets commonly used for whale hunting on whale carcasses to determine the best ammunition for these hunts. The recommendation was endorsed by the Council of NAMMCO (NAMMCO Annual Report 1999) and at a later meeting in 2002 (NAMMCO Annual Report 2002), the Council endorsed a recommendation from the Committee on Hunting Methods to develop guidelines for controlled and standardised trials to study the efficiency of the different types of ammunitions and rifles regularly used for these species.

The shooting trials were set up and conducted by Justines Olsen (Faroe Islands), Egil Ole Øen (Norway) and Glenn Williams  (Nunavut). Hans Mølgaard  (Greenland) was present at parts of the trials and Bergur Hanusson (Faeroe Islands) assisted as photographer to document wound canals and bullet performance. The shooting trials were performed outside Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, September 10-13, 2004.