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Workshop on Marine Mammals Weapons Ammunition and Ballistics 2001

The Workshop on Marine Mammals, Weapons, Ammunition and Ballisitcs was held 12 - 15 November 2001 in Sandefjord, Norway. 

The terms of reference for the Workshop was to increase the understanding of weapon types, ammunition and ballistics and to formulate recommendations for weapons and ammunition for the different species.  The Workshop addressed topics such as:

  • weapon types and ammunition in combination with terminal ballistics
  • the impact of weapon types and ammunition on different marine mammals species
  • safety for the hunters with respect to weapons use. 

The workshop was aimed at hunters, administrative personnel and scientists, and was held in the Nordic languages, with simultaneous interpretations to English and Greenlandic, courtesy of the Canadian Embassy in Oslo and the Greenland Home Rule respectively.

Professor emeritus Knud Nielsen (Denmark) chaired the Workshop.