The Working Group on By-catch, Entanglements and Live strandings (BYCELS) was established in 2017. The Working Group provides advice on marine mammal welfare issues related to by-catch, entanglements and live-strandings. Advice should be based on the best available scientific findings, technological developments and traditional knowledge with due consideration to safety requirements for humans.

Terms of Reference govern BYCELS functions. The WG meets when called upon by Council and meeting reports can be found here.

BYCELS is comprised of members appointed by the member countries.

Working Group members:

  • Signar Petersen, Djóralæknastovan, Faroe Islands
  • Ulla Svarrer Wang, Ministry of Fisheries, Faroe Islands
  • Sofie Abelsen, Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, Greenland
  • Amalie Jessen, Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, Greenland
  • Guðni Magnús Eiríksson, Directorate of Fisheries, Iceland
  • Guro Gjelsvik, Directorate of Fisheries, Norway
  • Kathrine A. Ryeng, Institue of Marine Reserach
  • Hild Ynnesdal, Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

The Faroe Islands holds the Chair, name of representative to be confirmed.

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