Sabine HansenIntern

Sabine Hansen is a Danish ecologist profoundly interested in marine mammal population genetics and health. She is particularly interested in toothed whales, an interest started early and set in stone when she did her bachelor’s project on population health in North Atlantic Orcas. She achieved both her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Ecology at the University of Copenhagen. Her degree was finalised by a Master’s project in population genetics in beaked whales at the University of Copenhagen.

Sabine went abroad for one semester at the University of Tasmania to gain more knowledge of applied conservation and has done volunteer work with both terrestrial and marine mammals, the latter as a field research assistant on a research vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, working on establishing the population size of the Cuvier’s beaked whales found here. Sabine has used these experiences to give talks on beaked whale population genetics and conservation of marine and terrestrial species, to both school children and peers during her studies.

Besides working, Sabine loves travelling and outdoor activities like kayaking, snorkelling and good old fashion camping/hiking trips. She also enjoys exploring history and culture.

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