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Here you will find the meeting documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO By-Catch Working Group (BYCWG). Some of these documents require a password for access. Final reports are uploaded in the library.

31 October 2018, videoconference

The By-catch Working Group (HPWG) held a video conference 31 October 2018, under the Chairmanship of Kimberley Murray (US) . The meeting was open only to members of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee and invited experts.



List of participants

Report from the By-catch WG meeting in May 2017

Report from the By-catch WG meeting in April 2018

The primary focus was to review the Icelandic by-catch of marine mammals, the Norwegian by-catch estimate for the ten-year period 2006-2015 and the progress of the WG recommendations from May 2017 and April 2018.


4 April 2018, videoconference

The By-Catch Working Group held a video conference 4 April 2018, under the chairmanship of Kimberley Murray (US). The meeting was open only to members of the Scientific Committee and invited participants, which were Simon Northridge (UK) and Marjorie Lyssikatos (US).

The agenda and list of participants can be found here. The report of the meeting can be found here.

The primary focus was to reexamine the estimates of by-catch rates of marine mammals in Icelandic fisheries and get an update from the Faroe Islands on progress accomplished on the recommendations formulated by the WG at his last meeting  in May 2017.

2-4 May 2017, Faroes Representation, Copenhagen, Denmark




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