Committee meetings

Committee on Hunting Methods

Here you will find the documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO Committee on Hunting Methods. Some of these documents require a password for access.

Final reports of each meeting are uploaded in the library.

29 November 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Committee on Hunting methods met at the Greenlandic representation 29. November 2018. Read report here.

Meeting documents

01 NAMMCO/CHM 2018.02: Agenda 29. November 2018

02NAMMCO/CHM 2018.02: list of References

03 NAMMCO 2018.02: List of Laws and Regulations

04 NAMMCO/CHM 2018 02: Update Member Countries Hunting Information

05-NAMMCO/CHM 2018-02/05: Struck and lost – working document

06-NAMMCO/CHM 2018.02: Overview of Recommendations


14 February 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

The meeting was held in the Greenlandic representation 14 February. Read full report here.

Meeting documents

01-NAMMCO-CHM 2018-02 Annotated agenda – revised 9 February, addition of new item 3 and addition in annotation to new item 4

02-NAMMCO-CHM-2018-02 List of references

03-NAMMCO-CHM-2018-02 List of laws and regulations in member countries

04-NAMMCO-CHM-2018-02 Struck and lost – working document

05-NAMMCO-CHM-2018-02 Overview of recommendations and responses all WS and EG meetings


6. February 2015, Reykjavík, Iceland

Meeting Documents:

1 Agenda HM Committee 2015

2 NAMMCO Report – Expert group on Assessing Whale Killing Data 28. May 2010

3 Taijii Program


17. April 2015, Telephone Meeting

Meeting Documents:

1 Agenda HM Committe April 2015

2 Report Telemeeting 17 April 2015 HM


28. May 2015, Telephone Meeting

Meeting Documents:

1 Report Telemeeting 28 May 2015 HM

19-20 November, Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting Documents:

1 Agenda HM Committee November 2014

Committee on Hunting Methods Report 2014

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