Committee meetings

Scientific Committee

Here you will find the meeting documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee. Some of these documents require a password for access.

Final reports of each meeting are uploaded in the library.

29 October-1 November 2019, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

More information and documents to come.

13-16 November 2018, M/S Polarlys

The NAMMCO Scientific Committee (SC) held its 25th meeting between 13-16 November 2018 on M/S Polarlys, from Bergen to Tromsø along the Norwegian coast.

The meeting was open only to members of the SC, and invited observers and participants.


Meeting Documents

01a – Draft Agenda (revised 071118)

01b – Draft ANNOTATED Agenda (revised 071118)

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents (revised 141118)

Working and For Information Documents (invited participants only)


National Progress Reports

Faroe Islands 2017

Greenland 2017

Iceland 2017

Norway 2017

Canada 2017

Japan (a) 2016/2017 – Small Cetaceans

Japan (b) 2017/2018 – Large Cetaceans

Russia 2017

Makivik 2017

Nunavut 2017

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