Committee on Inspection and Observation

The Committee provides advice on the Inspection and Observation Scheme for the hunting of marine mammals and reports directly to Council. The Committee monitors the implementation of the Observation Scheme and provides recommendations for improvements. The Rules of Procedure govern the functions of the Committee.

The Committee on Inspection and Observation comprises members appointed by the member countries. The Committee meets annually and reports from the meetings may be found here.

Iceland holds the Chair, currently represented by Guðni Magnús Eiríksson, Directorate of Fisheries, Iceland:

Guðni Magnús Eiríksson (IS), Directorate of Fisheries

Other committee members:

  • Ulla Svarrer Wang, Ministry of Fisheries, Faroe Islands
  • Hild Ynnesdal, Directorate of Fisheries, Norway
  • Ministry of Fisheries and Hunting, Greenland – representative to be announced

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