Observing hunting activities

Responsible management of wild resources implies sustainable catches and the best possible hunting methods. It also entails developing and enforcing rules describing how to utilise the resource, and creating reliable mechanisms for monitoring and controlling what actually takes place.

NAMMCO member countries have established clear regulations on which stocks can be hunted and at what level, at what time of year and by which methods. All member countries have national inspection systems in place. In addition, observers are employed to oversee both whether the hunt is following national regulations and the national inspection activities through the NAMMCO Observation Scheme.

An informed and realistic image of how the hunting of marine mammals is carried out can only be conveyed trough transparency and openness and this is a prerequisite in NAMMCO.

To read more see Committee on Inspection and Observation.

Get an overview of national laws and regulations here.

Work done in NAMMCO:

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