17 June 2024: The report of the 31st meeting of the NAMMCO Council and the reports of the Management Committees are now available!

The meetings were held in Reykjavík, Iceland on 19-21 March 2024. Representatives from all four NAMMCO Member countries, as well as Observer countries, and inter- and non-governmental organisations attended the meetings.

The Management Committees forwarded 22 new proposals for conservation and management, as well as 44 new research requests to the member countries. You can read all the advice regarding pinniped and cetacean stocks here.

The Council covered an array of topics, including welfare issues in marine mammal hunting, the presentation of the newest training video, and plans for the 2024 tagging season for the MINTAG project and NASS-2024 surveys. You can read everything that was discussed in the report.

We thank all participants for a very successful meeting!

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