SC Working Group on Walrus – 23-25 October

The Walrus Working Group will meet at the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen in October 23-25, under the chairmanship of Rob Stewart (CA). The meeting is open only to members of the Scientific Committee and invited participants.

The WG will update the assessment of all the stocks, looking at new information on stock structure, life history parameters, catch statistics and abundance and trends. It will also consider the impact of non-hunting human activities.

Meeting Documents:

01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents

04 – 08 – Working Documents (only available to participants)


For Information Documents:

FI01 – Report of the 2013 Walrus Working Group meeting.

FI02 – Extract of the SC22 (2015) report – 7.7. Walrus, including assessment of Baffin Bay stock.

FI03 – Higdon, J.W., and D.B. Stewart. 2018. State of circumpolar walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) populations. Prepared by Higdon Wildlife Consulting and Arctic Biological Consultants, Winnipeg, MB for WWF Arctic Programme, Ottawa, ON.

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FI18 – NAMMCO Impacts of Human Disturbance on Arctic marine mammals, with a focus on Belugas, Narwhals & Walrus, Report – 2015

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