Film Night – Nordic House 5th October

We are pleased to invite you to a free screening of two documentaries at the Nordic House in the evening of the 5th.


20:00 Introduction by director Shane Mahoney

Screening of Ice, Seals and Men (28min)

Summary: The film traces the story of the hunt for seals on Newfoundland and Labrador’s coasts – from prehistory to the present day.  Combining archival images and re-enactments with original footage, it illustrates how the “seal fishery,” as it was called, has played a key role in the very survival of coastal communities.  Drawing on an historical premise, the documentary also poses thought-provoking questions concerning the future of modern-day seal harvests and their relevance to local people and around the world.


There is a possibility of buying beverages and snacks in the Nordic House Café.

21:00 Introduction by director Keiko Yagi

Screening of Taisho Dreams of Whale Cuisines (60 min)

Summary: Keiko Yagi, director of “Behind THE COVE (2015)”, has now directed a documentary that refutes the absurdity of international conventions such as Washington Treaty (CITES) and International Whaling Commission. Set in a whale restaurant, the film introduces whale dishes, while providing scientific verification of whale as a food source by some of the world’s best scientists.


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