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Four peoples depending on the sea

and conserving it

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Marine mammals are resources

Marine mammal hunting dates back at least 9 000 years. In many areas, the hunting still provides food and materials, and upholds links to the past

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Marine Mammals – a Sustainable Food Resource

NAMMCO Conference and Gastronomic  Showcase

5 & 6 October 2022

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What we do

NAMMCO advises governments on the conservation status, sustainable removals and responsible hunting methods of marine mammals

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How we work

NAMMCO looks at the marine ecosystem as a whole, and provides advice based on science, local knowledge and technological developments

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Norwegian sealing in pack ice

Why our work is important

Assessing hunting methods and the impacts of human activities are crucial for optimising animal welfare in the hunt and ensuring sustainability of populations

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Bearded seal on ice

Marine Mammals in the North Atlantic

Seven pinniped species, six baleen whale species, and ten toothed whale species
are permanent residents in the
NAMMCO management area.

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Hunted seal species in the NAMMCO area
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Hunted cetacean species in the NAMMCO area
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Countries consuming marine mammals*
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Countries where marine mammal consumption provides economic benefits*
*Robards, M.D. & Reeves, R.R. (2011). The global extent and character of marine mammal consumption by humans: 1970-2009. Biological Conservation 144, pp. 2770-2786

NAMMCO supports the

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

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Hunted seals

Countries consuming marine mammals

Hunted cetacean species in NAMMCO area

Countries consuming marine mammals

Countries consuming marine mammals

Countries where marine mammals consumption provides economic benefits

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