Scientific Committee meetings

Here you will find the meeting documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee. Some of these documents require a password for access.

Final reports of each meeting are uploaded in the library.

22-26 January 2024, Marine & Freshwater Research Institute, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

01 – Draft Agenda (revised January 19)

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents

Working and For Information Documents (password protected)

24-28 January 2022, Online

01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Draft List of Participants (Updated 12.12.2021)

03 – Draft List of Documents

Working and For Information Documents (password protected)

25-29 January 2021, Online

01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Draft List of Participants (Updated: 20/01/2021)

03 – Draft List of Documents (Updated: 25/01/2021)

Working and For Information Documents (password protected) (Updated: 25/01/2021)

29 October-1 November 2019, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (last updated 31.10.2019)

More information and documents to come…

01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents (see below)

Working and For Information Documents (password protected)

Draft List of Documents

Working Documents

Doc. No. Title Agenda item
SC/26/01a Draft Agenda 2
SC/26/01b Draft Agenda Annotated 2
SC/26/02 Draft List of Participants 1
SC/26/03 Draft List of Documents 4
SC/26/NPR-FO National Progress Report 2018 – Faroe Islands 4.1
SC/26/NPR-GL National Progress Report 2018 – Greenland 4.1
SC/26/NPR-IS National Progress Report 2018 – Iceland 4.1
SC/26/NPR-NO National Progress Report 2018 – Norway 4.1
SC/26/NPR-JP National Progress Report 2018 – Japan 4.1
SC/26/NPR-RU National Progress Report 2018 – Russian Federation 4.1
SC/26/MAKIVIK Progress Report 2018 – Makivik 4.1
SC/26/04 Active Requests to SC from Council Several
SC/26/05 Table Abundance & Trends 5.2
SC/26/06 Development of management advice in NAMMCO 5.7
SC/26/07 Performance Review Recommendations for SC (including context for recommendations and letter on followup process 5.8
SC/26/08 Summary of Performance Review Requests for SC 5.8
SC/26/09 Report of the Harbour Porpoise Working Group 4.2, 9.11.4
SC/26/10 Report of the Joint ICES/NAFO/NAMMCO Working Group on Harp & Hooded Seals 4.2, 8.1.2, 8.2.2
SC/26/11 Report of the Adhoc Working Group on Narwhal in East Greenland 4.2, 9.5.2
SC/26/12 Report of the Abundance Estimates Working Group 4.2, 9.0
SC/26/13 Report of the Harbour Porpoise Workshop 9.11.3
SC/26/14 Populations, Stocks, and Management Units 5.2
SC/26/15 IWC: Small Cetaceans Abundance Estimates Tables 6.1
SC/26/16 IWC: North Atlantic Abundance Estimates Table 6.1
SC/26/17 IWC: Notes on Abundance Estimates Table 6.1
SC/26/18 FAO Expert Meeting to Develop Technical Guidelines to Reduce Bycatch 6.6, 7.1.2
SC/26/19 Note on OSPAR, NACES, and MPA 6.8
SC/26/20 Status Management Areas 5.2.2
SC/26/21 Scientific Committee Accounts and Budget for Scientific Committee Meeting 13

For Information Documents




Doc. No. Title Agenda item
SC/26/FI01 Report of SC 25 (2018) Several
SC/26/FI02 Annual Report 2018 Several
SC/26/FI03 NAMMCO 27 Report of Council Several
SC/26/FI04 NAMMCO 27 Report of Management Committees (MCJ + MCC + MCSW) Several
SC/26/FI05 Moore, S.E., Haug, T. Vikingsson, G.A. and Stenson, G.B. (2019). Baleen whale ecology in arctic and subarctic seas in an era of rapid habitat alteration. Progress in Oceanography 176: 102118 7.3
SC/26/FI06 Kovacs, K.M., Krafft, B.A., Lydersen, C. (2019) Bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus) birth mass and pup growth in periods with contrasting ice conditions in Svalbard, Norway. Marine Mammal Science. 1-9 8.6
SC/26/FI07 Hamilton C.D., Vacquie´-Garcia J., Kovacs, K.M., Ims R.A., Kohler J., Lydersen C. (2019). Contrasting changes in space use induced by climate change in two Arctic marine mammal species. Biology Letters. 15: 20180834. 8.3, 9.4
SC/26/FI08 Hamilton, C. D., Kovacs, K. M., & Lydersen, C. (2019). Sympatric seals use different habitats in an Arctic glacial fjord. Marine Ecology Progress Series615, 205-220 8.3, 8.6
SC/26/FI09 Hamilton, C. D., Lydersen, C., Fedak, M. A., Freitas, C., Hindell, M. A., & Kovacs, K. M. (2019). Behavioural ontogeny of bearded seals Erignathus barbatus through the first year of life. Marine Ecology Progress Series627, 179-194 8.6
SC/26/FI10 Hamilton, C. D., Kovacs, K. M., & Lydersen, C. (2018). Individual variability in diving, movement and activity patterns of adult bearded seals in Svalbard, Norway. Scientific reports8(1), 16988 8.6
SC/26/FI11 Ahonen, H., Stafford, K. M., Lydersen, C., de Steur, L., & Kovacs, K. M. (2019). A multi-year study of narwhal occurrence in the western Fram Strait—detected via passive acoustic monitoring. Polar Research 38: 3468 9.5
SC/26/FI12 Jourdain, E., Ugarte, F., Víkingsson, G. A., Samarra, F. I., Ferguson, S. H., Lawson, J., … & Desportes, G. (2019). North Atlantic killer whale Orcinus orca populations: a review of current knowledge and threats to conservation. Mammal Review. 9.8
SC/26/FI13 Desforges, JP., Hall, A., McConnell, B., Asvid, A. R., Barber, J. L., Brownlow, A., … & Dietz, R. (2019). Response to L. Witting: PCBs still a major risk for global killer whale population. Marine Mammal Science, 35, 1201-1206 9.8
SC/26/FI14 Witting, L. (2019). Rebuttal against Desforges et al. (2018): No evidence for a global killer whale population collapse. Marine Mammal Science, 35(3), 1197-1200. 9.8
SC/26/FI15 Outcome of the OSPAR-HELCOM workshop to examine possibilities for developing indicators for incidental by-catch of birds and marine mammals. 7.1.2
SC/26/FI16 Status Update Scientific Publications Vol.11 5.5
SC/26/FI17 Report from Performance Review Panel 5.8
SC/26/FI18 Draft OSPAR, NACES, and MPA Nomination Proforma post 6.8
SC/26/FI19 Review Group Report on WGHARP 8.1.2, 8.2.2
SC/26/FI20 Tracking Recommendations and Implementation within NAMMCO 5.8
SC/26/FI21 Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species (WGBYC) 7

13-16 November 2018, M/S Polarlys

The NAMMCO Scientific Committee (SC) held its 25th meeting between 13-16 November 2018 on M/S Polarlys, from Bergen to Tromsø along the Norwegian coast.

The meeting was open only to members of the SC, and invited observers and participants.


Meeting Documents

01a – Draft Agenda (revised 071118)

01b – Draft ANNOTATED Agenda (revised 071118)

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents (revised 141118)

Working and For Information Documents (invited participants only)


National Progress Reports

Faroe Islands 2017

Greenland 2017

Iceland 2017

Norway 2017

Canada 2017

Japan (a) 2016/2017 – Small Cetaceans

Japan (b) 2017/2018 – Large Cetaceans

Russia 2017

Makivik 2017

Nunavut 2017

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