Workshops & Expert Groups on Hunting Methods – reports

Here you will find the reports of the Expert Group meetings and Workshops organised by the Committee on Hunting Methods. You will find meeting documents of past and upcoming Expert Group meetings here, and Workshops here. All the recommendations arising from both the Workshops and the Expert Group meetings you find here.


Protocol for collection of TTD data in whale hunts with deck mounted harpoon gun

Protocol for Statistical Analysis of TTD in Whaling Operations (Proceedings from NAMMCO Seminar on Processing and Analysing of TTD Data), February 2016, University of Oslo, Norway


Report of the Expert Group Meeting on Assessing Time to Death Data from Large Whale Hunts, November 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report of the NAMMCO Expert Group Meeting to Assess the Hunting Methods for Small Cetaceans, November 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report of the NAMMCO Expert Group Meeting on Assessment of Large Whale Killing Data, February 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report of the NAMMCO Expert Group Meeting on Best Practices in Hunting and Killing of Seals, February 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report of the NAMMCO Workshop to Address the Problems “Struck and Lost” in Seal, Walrus and Whale Hunting, November 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report of the NAMMCO Workshop on Hunting Methods for Seals and Walrus, September 2004, Copenhagen, Denmark


Report from the Workshop on Marine Mammals: Weapons, Ammunition and Ballistics, November 2001, Sandefjord, Norway


Report of the Workshop on Hunting Methods, February 1999, Nuuk, Greenland

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