Excursion to Klaksvík – 6th October

You sign up to the excursion by sending an email to utstarvslesandi@ummr.fo or upon your arrival to the conference the 5th of October.
Please note, that the weather conditions in the Faroe Islands vary so it is recommended to dress accordingly.


12:15 Departure from the Nordic House

13:00 Presentation in City Hall

Welcome Greetings from the mayor

Representation of Whaler from Taiji

Presentations on slaughter customs in the Faroe Islands and Japan

14:10 Drive to Miðstovu/Spaniastovu

Perfomance of Faroese Dance by Klaksvík dancing association

Andras Sólstein explains the history of Miðstovu/Spaniastovu

15:45 Departure to Klaksvík Rowing house

Representation from Klaksvík rowing association represents rowing boat

16:30 Departure to Tórshavn

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