High level international representatives together with policymakers, scientific experts, hunters and chefs will come together to discuss the role marine mammals play in ensuring sustainable and resilient food systems.

Wednesday 5 October

09:00 Opening Session 

Ole-David Stenseth, Chair of NAMMCO

Jenis av Rana, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture, the Faroe Islands

Video greetings from Ministers from Greenland, Iceland and Norway

09:20 Introductory Session

The session will give an overview of the key challenges in ensuring food security for a growing global population. It will address the use of wildlife in supporting food security and livelihoods, with a special focus on marine mammals.

Moderator: Kate Sanderson, Representation of the Faroe Islands in London

Food security and blue foods. What are the key challenges facing future food systems to feed the growing human population?

Manuel Barange, FAO, pre-recorded presentation

What role do wild animals play in food systems and supporting livelihoods

Shane Mahoney, IUCN’s Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi)

Marine mammals. How can they contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Arne Bjørge, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research

11:00 Sustainability and climate

The session will explore the environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects of ensuring the sustainable use of using marine mammals, how these can contribute to fulfilling the SDGs and reduce the carbon footprint in food production.

Moderator: Jón Þrándur Stefánsson, Icelandic Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Marine mammals, food or icon?

Joji Morishita, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (pre-recorded presentation)

Sustainability implications of food choices in Greenland

Frederike Ziegler, RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

The meaning of Kalaalimernit- Greenlandic Foods

Natuk Lund Olsen, Department of Constitution, Government of Greenland

Utilisation of marine mammal resources in the blue bioeconomy: Reflections on sustainability

Unn Laksá, Sjókovin – Blue Resource

13:30 Nutrition and food safety

The session will discuss the nutritional benefits and potential risks of consuming marine mammal products.

Moderator: Geneviève Desportes, General Secretary of NAMMCO

Seal fishery and products: Full utilization of harvest for health and nutrition

Fereidoon Shahidi, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Health aspects and nutritional benefits of marine mammals – the case of pilot whale

Paul Weihe, (affiliations, tba)

Fatty acids and other healthy nutrients in pilot whale meat and blubber

Hóraldur Joensen, (affiliations, tba)

Food safety in general and marine mammals in particular

Edel Elvevoll, The Arctic University of Norway

Weighing and understanding risks and benefits

Gert Mulvad, Ilisimatusarfik – the University of Greenland

15:15 From the sea to the plate

The session will present how different regions and professionsl users present and view marine mammal as a food resource

Moderator: Ole Ørum, Master Vision Aps

Canadian Seal Meat Marketing Campaign: Good for You. Good for the Environment

Romy Vaugeois, Canadian Seals & Sealing Network

How a quality standard made people start buying whale meat?

Øyvind Haram, Norwegian Seafood Federation

Ensuring the future of whale meat as a community food resource in Taiji, Japan

Taiji town representative

Panel: Guest chefs will share their views and experiences using marine mammal products – benefits, challenges and future culinary potential?

Thursday 6 October

09:00 Food for the future

The session address perspectives of the future with respect to the profession and the utilisation

Moderator: Sunniva Guðmundsdóttir Mortensen, Matkovin

Intangible Cultural Heritage: a new tool for sustainability? (Estonia, France, Canada)

Anatole Danto, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Is marine mammal hunting compatible with youth visions for the future

Therese Hugstmyr Woie, Friends of the Earth Norway

Representatives of the younger generation of marine mammal hunters and consumers from East Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and Japan will share their views on the future of this food

Åge Hammeken, hunter from East Greenland; Yoshifumi KAI, Japanese Small whalers’ association; others to be confirmed

11:15 Closing of conference

The Conference will close with a round table discussing challenges and opportunities in utilising marine mammals as a food resource in the future and give recommendations for future action

Moderator: Kate Sanderson

Panel: Session moderators and key speakers

Excursion to Klaksvik

Specific programme to be announced

Gastronomic Showcase

Chefs from different corners of the world will showcase the many uses and potential of marine mammals in modern cuisine

With a hands-on culinary workshop the chefts will design and prepare a buffet of co-inspired marine mammal dishes to be served at the food court in the evening

19:00 Evening Food Court at Nordic House

Wrapped in an informal atmosphere, participants will be enjoying a tasting menu of innovative marine mammal delicacies created through this international gastronomic collaboration

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