09 January 2023: Announcement of the fifth Marine Mammal Student Symposium

We are excited to announce the fifth Marine Mammal Student Symposium with this year’s theme: “Marine mammals in a changing Arctic: Finding a pathway for users, scientists, and policymakers to navigate new challenges”. It is organised by the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea and the Arctic Biology Department of the UiT The Arctic University of Norway and will be held the 24th of February as a hybrid event: Online & Auditorium 2, Teorifagbygget hus 1, UiT (Tromsø).

Climate change poses an immense threat to Arctic ecosystems with a warming rate 3 to 4 times faster compared to the rest of the world. Its overall impacts are very difficult to predict, and particularly in the Arctic. Climate change will have both direct (for example warmer sea temperature, loss of sea ice) and indirect effects (increased human activities like ship traffic and oil drilling in areas not accessible until now) and will interplay with many other factors.

This calls for action and collaboration among policymakers, scientists and users to navigate the new reality for animals and humans in the Arctic region through interdisciplinary and interconnected research and communication.

The symposium represents an opportunity for students with common interests from various fields in natural, social, and legal sciences to share their ideas, knowledge, and experience. Students interested in presenting their research and projects are highly encouraged to do so. There is no expectation that students present finished work or results. Research at all stages of development is welcome, which includes ideas in development, research plans, and methodological challenges. Additionally, students focussing on research which is not directly on marine mammals but connected to the topic are encouraged to present their work.

Questions can be sent to intern@nammco.org

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