11 September 2019: The Regional Fishery Body Secretariats’ Network (RSN)

The report of the 7th meeting of the Regional Fishery Body Secretariats’ Network (RSN) held in July 2018 is now released at http://www.fao.org/3/ca5108en/ca5108en.pdf.

The meeting heard an update on NAMMCO activities (page 6 of the report) reflecting also on the utilisation of resources taking into account the concept of Blue economy and sustainable development goals as set down by the UN. The abundance of certain marine mammals allows them to be hunted locally, with a very small ecological footprint: it is thus relevant to ask why these resources, when sustainably managed, are ignored in the context of food security.

RSN was established to facilitate ongoing information exchange among Regional Fishery Bodies (RFB) Secretariats.

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