20th March 2023: Reports of the Management Committees

The reports of the NAMMCO Management Committee (MC) for Cetaceans (MCC), Management Committee for Seals and Walrus (MCSW) and the Joint Meeting of the Management Committees (MCJ) are now available online!

The meetings of the MCs were hold online the 1st and 2nd March 2023. Amalie Jessen (Greenland) chaired the meeting of the MCSW as well as the MCJ, while Ulla S. Wang (Faroe Islands) chaired the meeting of the MCC. The committees reviewed the recommendations forwarded by the Scientific Committee regarding the study, conservation, and management of seals, walrus, and cetaceans in the North Atlantic. The reports can be read here: https://nammco.no/management-committees-reports/

Find out more about the Management Committees and their work here: https://nammco.no/management-committees/


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