21 October 2019: North Atlantic killer whale review now open access!

The article North Atlantic killer whale Orcinus orca populations: a review of current knowledge and threats to conservation can now be found online on the Mammal Society journal Mammal Review. It will be open access (freely available to all) until mid November.

The review gives a comprehensive assessment of the current state of knowledge of North Atlantic killer whale populations and synthesises information from over 1oo scientific articles and reports dating back to the 1950’s. The results suggest that although killer whales should be recovering following the end of the harvesting era, new threats such as pollution, anthropogenic noise and unregulated hunting could be restricting the recovery.

This article was initiated and funded by NAMMCO, and among the authors are NAMMCO Scientific Committee members Fernando Ugarte and Gísli Víkingsson as well as NAMMCO General Secretary Geneviève Desportes. Lead author Eve Jourdain is the founder of the Norwegian Orca Survey.


Access the article here.

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