22 March 2019: International Year of the Salmon





NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation, has released a video about the International Year of the Salmon. This video was narrated by Sir David Attenborough and highlights significant threats to Salmon in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans:



The NASCO has for a long time had an observer agreement with NAMMCO, and we are delighted to help promote their conservation initiatives in the North Atlantic. NAMMCO believes strongly in a whole-ecosystem based approach to management, and this relies on recognising the important interactions between a wide variety of organisms – from Salmon to Cetaceans!

NASCO will hold its annual meeting later this year here in Tromsø. To find out more about their work, and about the International Year of the Salmon, visit the links below:

NASCO – http://www.nasco.int/index.html

International Year of the Salmon – https://yearofthesalmon.org/

IYS Photo Competition – http://www.nasco.int/iys_photo.html



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