27 December 2021: Meet the New Intern

Hi NAMMCO! My name is Josephine Schulze and I will be joining the Secretariat as the new intern in early January – at this moment I am still in Antarctica, working as a naturalist and guide onboard small cruise ships travelling from the southernmost tip of Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula. We’ve spent a beautiful month down here with variable weather, plenty of penguins, icebergs and of course whales!

The highlights so far include a relatively rough Drake passage, an attempted solar eclipse (turned cloudy) in the middle of the Weddell Sea, impressive backdrops of glaciers, beautifully tinted midnight skies and of course many whales (especially humpbacks!) foraging in the Southern Ocean. I look forward to switching poles soon and making my move to Tromsø in just a few weeks, and to learn more about the management of Arctic marine mammals over the coming months!

Read more about my background here.

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