11 June 2024: “Large Whale Hunting – Target Area and Shooting Angle” – The second training video of the CHM is out!

NAMMCO is committed to making marine mammal hunting both safe and efficient, with a focus on reducing the time to death for the animals and ensuring the safety of hunters. At the heart of this mission is the Committee on Hunting Methods (CHM), the body within NAMMCO that advises on the best practices for hunting marine mammals.

The Committee has been working to train hunters and contribute to the knowledge transfer regarding best hunting practices. For that purpose, the CHM has developed a series of manuals and videos on the maintenance and use of weaponry, as well as on best practices for hunting specific whale species. These resources are targeted at whalers, inspectors, wildlife officers, observers, and anyone else involved in whaling.

The CHM has just published the second training video, “Large Whale Hunting – Target Area and Shooting Angle”. This video explains the specifics of the optimal shooting angles and target areas for hunting minke whales, fin whales, humpback whales, and bowhead whales. By following this guidance, hunters can improve their efficiency and significantly reduce the time to death of the animals. The video is available in English, Norwegian, and Greenlandic, making it accessible to a wide audience. You can watch it here.

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