7th February 2019: Marine Mammal Student Symposium

NAMMCO, in association with the University of Tromsø, recently organised a symposium for MSc and PhD candidates working with marine mammals.

The event brought together not only biologists but Law of the Sea students as well, all of whom made excellent presentations on their projects. The day was designed to showcase some work conducted on marine mammals from a variety of different perspectives, and provide an opportunity for the students to connect with each other and interested members of the wider community.

Following the presentations by the students, the day was rounded-off by talks by invited guest speakers Richard Caddell, Anniken Førde & Christian Lydersen. The whole day attracted between 60 -70 people from different disciplines, and was a great success!

We’d like to once again thank the students, our guest speakers, and all in attendance. We would also like to thank those who helped organise the event; Marie-Anne Blanchet and Coralie Barth-Jensen from UiT and Akvasem, and also Lars Folkow and the Department for Arctic Biology for housing us.


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