Deputy Secretary

Charlotte Winsnes main areas of responsibilities are hunting methods and animal welfare issues, the Joint NAMMCO Control Scheme, and NAMMCO finances and budgets.

Charlotte Winsnes is Norwegian originating from Oslo. She joined the Secretariat on a permanent basis in September 2000. Prior to this she had worked as an external consultant for NAMMCO in connection with two major Conferences organised in 1995 and 1997.

Charlotte’s academic background includes studies in Social Economics and Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen. Starting in 1989 she worked as research coordinator for the Norwegian Research Council within the fields of environment and development. In 1992 she moved to Tromsø to organise the joint 5th World Wilderness Congress and 1st Northern Forum Conference. Following a short period as adviser in  Akvaplan-niva she returned to the Research Council and worked as Programme Coordinator for the Norwegian National Committee on Polar Research until 1998.


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