01 November 2022: Follow the MINTAG, follow the whales!

Satellite telemetry allows researchers to track the movement of an animal by using orbiting satellites that detect signals emitted from a transmitter attached to the animal. Many whale species, that can be approached at close range, have been tagged for more than a year giving invaluable information on their movement patterns. However, it has not been possible to tag fast-moving rorquals (e.g. minke, fin, sei, blue and Bryde’s whales) and smaller whales like pilot whales equally successfully. Although they are common residents in NAMMCO and Japan waters in the summer, we do not know their wintering habitats. Essential information to close this knowledge gap are expected from new tags being developed by NAMMCO, Japan and Wildlife computers. The crucial long-term data the new MINTAG will provide, will greatly improve the species’ management and conservation.

Launched today – the MINTAG website gives information on the target species and allows you to follow the development and the deployment of the tags. When the first whales have been equipped in summer 2023, you will be able to follow the whales on the website.

Find out about the MINTAG here: https://mintag-project.com/

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