Strahinja Ivanovic is a Serbian national with the interest in management and sustainable use of marine living resources – rather unusual interest for someone coming from a landlocked country.

After earning the Bachelor of Law in Serbia and masters in the Law of the Sea at the University of Tromsø, he spent five months at the Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany; first a legal intern, then as a recipient of the prestigious Chair’s award for attendance of the International Foundation for the Law of the Sea Academy. During that time, he came across the internship opportunity with NAMMCO.

Strahinja has experience in fisheries management: he is currently contracted as a sub-consultant in the project under the auspices of the European Commission, monitoring the landing obligation implementation under the Common Fisheries Policy and the use of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) for that matter.

Strahinja joined NAMMCO in November 2017 as an intern fellow, while pursuing the master of science degree in International Fisheries Management at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science. His aim is two folded: first, to assist NAMMCO in implementing an effective regional management of marine mammals and develop an ecosystem approach to management; and second, to gain better knowledge of how an international organization, such as NAMMCO, operates and use the obtained skills in further career.

Besides his work, Strahinja enjoys quite an active lifestyle. Before choosing the career in management of marine resources he was pursuing a professional kickboxing career – his biggest passion. Nowadays, he trains and teaches in a local kickboxing club sharing his experiences. When moved to Tromsø, the obsession with the mountains and skiing followed. Most of his free time you may find him wondering around the surrounding mountains slopes enjoying the Arctic nature, with the background beats of Guns N’Roses or AC/DC from his iPad.

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