July 14, 2017: Establishment of Internship programme at NAMMCO

NAMMCO is starting an internship programme with the following objectives:

For the intern: gain experience and knowledge in the operations of an intergovernmental organisation and the processes of sustainable management of marine mammals in the NAMMCO member countries.

For the Secretariat: benefit from the experience, knowledge and new perspectives of an additional professional.

Nature of the Internship

Under the supervision of the staff of the Secretariat, interns will work on project(s) relevant to their field of study and development needs. These projects will be related to various aspects of:

  • Legal instruments governing the management of marine mammals
  • Management procedures for marine mammals
  • Ecosystem approach to marine mammal management, including identification and pricing of marine mammals’ ecosystem services
  • Communication and outreach (web, social media, traditional media, presentation, game)
  • Scientific literature review and documentation
  • Text editing, publication and translation
  • Database, library and archive maintenance

For more information about the programme, click here: Internship Information

The application can be found here: Internship Application

Currently, there is no deadline, the applications are reviewed as they arrive.

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