Marine Mammal Student Symposium 2024

We are excited to announce the 6th Marine Mammal Student Symposium co-organised by North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, Norwegian Centre for Law of the Sea, and Department of Arctic and Marine Biology. This year’s theme is: “Navigating Arctic Waters: Strengthening ties between Marine Mammal Research, Indigenous Knowledge & Law and Policy Making”.

Event will be held on Friday, 19th of April 2024, in a hybrid form: Online and Universitetbibliotek Room 132.

If you would like to participate or present, register here.

With climate change and increasing human activities modifying the Arctic landscape, it is important that we quickly learn how to navigate these new waters in order to protect this fragile environment. To do this, we need to work together: scientists who research the marine mammals of the Arctic, local and Indigenous peoples who have been living in this region for centuries, and law and policy makers whose job is to make decisions that will benefit both people and ecosystems.

This symposium represents an opportunity for students with common interests from various fields in natural, social, and legal sciences to share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences on topics related to marine mammal conservation and management. Research at all stages is welcome. You can present your finished research, as well as ongoing projects, ideas in development, research plans, and methodological challenges. Students focusing on research which is not directly on marine mammals but connected to the topic are also encouraged to present their work.

For any further question please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Here you can find Facebook event where we will post all the updates about the symposium.

Let’s navigate Arctic waters together, merging science, tradition, and policy for a sustainable future. See you at the symposium!

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