9 May 2018: NAMMCO attends the 4th meeting of the OSPAR-NEAFC Collective Arrangement

On 7 and 8 May, NAMMCO attended the 4th meeting of the Collective Arrangement between competent international organisations on cooperation and coordination regarding selected areas in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the North-East Atlantic.

NEAFC and OSPAR, presently parties to the agreement, organised the meeting to which participated national delegations of parties to both Commisions as well as representatives of other regional commissions. The meeting was hosted by the German Ministries of Fisheries and Food and Agriculture. Read more on OSPAR news.

NAMMCO General Secretary presented the activities of NAMMCO and avenues for increasing the cooperation with OSPAR and NEAFC to better face the challenges brought by climate and environmental changes and better inform the conservation of marine mammals and the marine ecosystem at large.

NAMMCO, which decided at its 25th Council Meeting to increase its cooperation with scientific bodies working towards the conservation of the marine ecosystem and the sustainable utilisation of marine resources, is looking forward to this increased cooperation.

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