April 6, 2017: NAMMCO 25th Council Meeting Completed!

Hotel Hans Egede, Nuuk, Greenland, April 6, 2017 – NAMMCO 25 completed


The 25th Meeting of the Council of NAMMCO has just completed its work.

The note ended on a glass of champagne for celebrating the silver anniversary of NAMMCO.

Much has been accomplished during the meeting, as the Press Release indicates. The Parties reaffirmed their commitment to the sustainable and responsible use of marine resources by agreeing on a common declaration at the closure of the meeting, the Nuuk Declaration:


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO)

The Parties,

Recalling the general principles of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources enshrined in the 1992 Rio Declaration and reaffirming their commitment to the rational management, conservation and responsible use of the living resources of the sea,

Considering the progress accomplished in the last 25 years towards the sustainable and responsible use of marine mammals within NAMMCO, and particularly:

– better knowledge on marine mammal populations and their sustainable management,
– sound management advice that has contributed to increases in marine mammal population sizes,
– the increased coordination of the Parties’ marine mammal research and monitoring, leading to a greater understanding of the role of marine mammals in the North Atlantic marine ecosystem,
– the significant improvements in hunting methods,
– the establishment of an effective observation scheme for hunting activities in member countries;

Welcome these advances and reaffirm that NAMMCO fulfils its role as an appropriate international management organisation for marine mammals in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Remain convinced that a regional body, built upon mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other’s ways of life, and operating on a sound scientific basis, is the best forum for ensuring the effective conservation and sustainable use of marine mammal resources, as part of the effort on food security worldwide.

Reaffirm their commitment to enhance their cooperation in marine mammal research, conservation, and management, in improving hunting methods and in providing balanced and scientifically founded information on the status of North Atlantic marine mammal stocks as well as issues and challenges in their conservation.

Reaffirm that the sustainable hunting of marine mammals as done in NAMMCO member countries is an environmentally responsible way of obtaining food resources in areas with few alternatives and supports food security in line with the principles endorsed at the 2012 Rio+20 Conference. It also increases the economic value of the marine environment, contributing to blue growth.

Call for the management of marine mammal resources according to the principles of blue growth, as promoted for other marine food resources.

Recognising the range of anthropogenic pressures facing North Atlantic marine mammals associated with the climate and environmental changes taking place, the Parties further commit to increasing their efforts and cooperation in assessing the cumulative impact of non-hunting related anthropogenic stressors, particularly global warming, by-catch, pollution and disturbance, and to furthering the ecosystem approach to the management of marine mammals.


The Report of the meeting has been adopted by correspondence on June 2, and can be found here.

Meeting documents can be found here.


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