7 February 2024: New study on the importance of the shooting angle in seal shooting to improve animal welfare

Hunting marine mammals often occurs in challenging conditions, and ensuring animal welfare should be a critical consideration during these hunts. NAMMCO, through its Committee on Hunting Methods, is committed to contributing to animal welfare, with a focus on shortening the time it takes for an animal to become unconscious or die in order to lessen suffering during hunts across its region.
In line with this commitment, Kathrine A. Ryeng, a veterinarian at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and a member of NAMMCO Committee on Hunting Methods, led a recently published study with a focus on the significance of the shooting angle in harp seal hunting. The study investigates the correlation between the shooting angle and the time to death of the animal.
The findings of the study suggest that, to achieve the best animal welfare outcomes of the hunt, the recommended shooting angle to the head is obliquely from the front. Conversely, shots directly from the side should either be avoided or executed with caution. These recommendations aim to enhance the welfare of harp seal during hunting practices.
For further insights into Ryeng and Larsen’s study check the article here.
Learn more about NAMMCO’s commitment to make the hunt safe and efficient here.

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