September 1, 2017 – Behind NAMMCO – Hild Ynnesdal, Norway

The people behind NAMMCO:

Always devoted and to the point  –  a forceful Norwegian voice in the Committees of Hunting Methods and Inspection and Observation and the Management Committees in NAMMCO – Hild Ynnesdal from Norway.

As part of my work at the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (DoF), I have participated in numerous NAMMCO meetings and workshops. Since 2007 I have been a member of the Hunting Committee, the Inspection and Observation Committee and the Norwegian delegation to NAMMCO Council.

Marine mammals have always been an important part of my portfolio in my professional career. However, it was coincidental that marine mammals became “mine”. One of the most exciting and also challenging experiences working as a bureaucrat in the DoF, are the multitude of different professions you work with and relate to. For me it is and has always been a privilege to cooperate with both users (hunters/fishermen), scientists and managers.  And I am pleased to say that user knowledge is a fundamental prerequisite when it comes to establishing management regimes for marine mammals as well as for different fisheries.

I am appreciative of the increased knowledge gained from participating both in the Hunting Committee meetings and the workshops and working groups arranged by NAMMCO.

As is the case with the Scientific Committee I will commend the Hunting Committee for being a flag ship in NAMMCO; never compromising on scientific findings or advice, and always taking into account user knowledge and the possibilities for practical implementation of their recommendations.  I hope that NAMMCO will continue its work in the same spirit, and also elaborate and expand its activities taking into account new challenges for the conservation and management of marine mammals.

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