September 13, 2018: Another intern joins the NAMMCO Secretariat

Samuel Smith is a British Masters Graduate from Nottinghamshire, England. He completed his Joint Honours MSci in Marine Biology and Zoology at Bangor University’s School of Ocean Science, Wales. During his studies, he participated in an international experience year in Bergen, Norway, where he undertook courses at UiB.

He has an interest in marine mammal biology and population analysis with relation to fisheries management. His BSc dissertation was centred around the diving ability of pinnipeds, and for his final MSci Paper, he applied otolith shape analysis to evaluate stock structure of Irish Sea plaice. This combined interest in marine mammals, and the application of science-based management of marine living resources lead him to NAMMCO to join as an intern in September 2018.

While at Bangor, he was a part of the Endeavour Society; a student lead society that organised weekly marine science talks for the student body. In his role as marketing secretary, he was responsible for publicity for the events, yet also aided in organising external speakers for the talks.

While at NAMMCO, Sam will be exposed to the various functions of the Secretariat and help perform many of the office duties and research in relation to the role.

In his spare time, Sam enjoys cycling, hiking, and generally being out in nature. At home, he has an interest in reading, drawing and photography.

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