Volume 9: Walrus

Walrus of the North Atlantic

The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO) is proud to present Walrus of the North Atlantic, the ninth volume in the NAMMCO Scientific Publications series. This volume is edited by Drs Robert E.A. Stewart, Kit M. Kovacs and Mario Acquarone.

The walrus is an important species to NAMMCO, both as a key component of the North Atlantic and Arctic ecosystems and as an important source of food in Greenland. Because of this, the NAMMCO Scientific Committee continues to work towards better management and a better understanding of Atlantic walrus, including genetics, stock structure, movements and abundance. The papers contained in this volume stem from a meeting of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee Walrus Working Group (WWG) convened by Dr Erik Born in 2009. Although it has taken 5 years for this volume to coalesce, its contents are important to our understanding of this species—and the work continues.

This volume also presented our first online publication. The University in Tromsø’s Department of Digital Resources and Services was instrumental in helping us to make this happen, especially Jan Erik Frantsvåg, Emma Margret Skåden and Stein Høydalsvik. The papers in this volume were first published in an “online early version,” which allowed them to be available to the scientific community more quickly than the hard copy format.

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