19 August 2019: Meet our new intern!

We are very pleased to welcome our new intern, Sabine, to the NAMMCO Secretariat. Among the things she will do while she is here, is working on the website and updating the species pages. She will also help out at the upcoming meeting of the Joint ICES/NAFO/NAMMCO Working Group on Harp and Hooded Seals the first week of September.

Sabine is a Danish ecologist profoundly interested in marine mammal population genetics and health. She is particularly interested in toothed whales, an interest started early and set in stone when she did her bachelor’s project on population health in North Atlantic Orcas. She achieved both her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Ecology at the University of Copenhagen. Her degree was finalised by a Master’s project in population genetics in beaked whales at the University of Copenhagen.

Read more about Sabine here.

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