February 28, 2018: Press Release – Council 26, March 7-8

NAMMCO 26th Annual Meeting

                                      –    Contributing to a sustainable North

The conservation status of marine mammal stocks in the North Atlantic varies from increasing stocks (for example, most stocks of bowhead, fin, humpback and minke whales), to stocks decreasing despite being protected for several years (such as hooded seals in the Greenland Sea). Marine mammals are experiencing various challenges, most notably from climate and environmental changes. To ensure their continued conservation, stocks must be managed sustainably, taking into account the full array of interactions within the ecosystem.

NAMMCO, the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, will convene its 26th Annual Council Meeting in Tromsø, Norway, next week March 7-8. The meeting will include an international review and discussion on the most recent developments in research and management of whales and seals in the North Atlantic.

NAMMCO advises member governments of the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway, on the conservation status of North Atlantic marine mammals, sustainable takes and responsible hunting methods. NAMMCO is the only international, regional body managing small and large whales as well as seals and walruses.

NAMMCO provides advice based on science, local knowledge and technological developments. This advice is generated by International Expert Groups and reviewed by NAMMCO’s committees. The organisation follows best practices and a precautionary approach. It strives to conduct an ecosystem approach to management.


Contact details for the Parties Councillors:

Greenland: Amalie Jessen, Chair, +299 553342, AMALIE@nanoq.gl, Ministry of Fisheries and Hunting.

Faroe Islands: Johannes V. Hansen, +298 551009, JoannesV@uvmr.fo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Iceland: – acting Councillor – Stefán Ásmundsson, + 354 5459700, stefan.asmundsson@anr.is, Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

Norway: Ole-David Stenseth, +47 92497825, ods@nfd.dep.no, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.


NAMMCO Secretariat: Geneviève Desportes, General Secretary, +47 950 21 228, genevieve@nammco.no


Supplementary Information:

The agreement to establish NAMMCO was signed in Nuuk on 9 April 1992.

The 26th Council meeting of NAMMCO is happening on March 7-8, 2017, at Linken, Forskningsparken in Tromsø, Norway. The opening session of the Council Meeting (08:30 to 10:45, approximately, including the invited talk) is open to the public.

The agenda, list of participants and documents for the Council and Management Committee Meetings can be found at https://nammco.no/topics/nammco-26/.

The Governments of Canada, Denmark, Japan and the Russian Federation will be observing the meeting, as well as Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and Makivik Corporation (Quebec). Other international organisations represented will be the International Whaling Commission, the World Conservation Trust and LIVIN international as well as the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation, the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission, the South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation.

Supplementary information, agenda and documents can be found here.

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