Meeting documents


Preliminary Schedule of meetings NAMMCO 26 -revised 27 February

Press release prior meeting (280218)

01-NAMMCO-26 List of Participants 

02-NAMMCO-26 Provisional Agenda

02-NAMMCO-26 Annotated Agenda-rev2  Revised March 04 WITH START TIME on Wednesday 7 March

03-NAMMCO-26 List of Documents-rev – revised March 01

04-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Finance and Administration Committee (uploaded 060318 – 20:11)

05-NAMMCO-26 Audited accounts 2017

06-NAMMCO-26 Performance Review

07-NAMMCO-26 Budget 2018 and draft budget 2019

08-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Scientific Committee

09-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Committee on Hunting Methods

10-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Committee on Inspection and Observation

11-NAMMCO-26 Report of the NAMMCO observation scheme 2017 season and plans for 2018 season

12-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Council Working Group on By-catch, entanglements and live strandings

13 Report of the Joint Management Committee

14-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Management Committee on Cetaceans

15-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Management Committee for Seals and Walrus

16-NAMMCO-26 Report from the Marine Mammal as Food Resources Project

17-NAMMCO-26 Observers’ report -revised 21 February 

18-NAMMCO-26 List of new Request for Advice to Committees

19-NAMMCO-26 Proposals for Conservation and Management

20-NAMMCO-26 Summary of outreach activities, incl. website and facebook (uploaded 060318 – 15:25)

21-NAMMCO-26 Press Release

22-NAMMCO-26 Report of the Global Review of Monodontids meeting

NAMMCO-26-NPR-F-16 National Progress Report Faroe Islands 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-G-16 National Progress Report Greenland 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-I-16 National Progress Report Iceland 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-N-16 National Progress Report Norway 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-C National Progress Report Canada 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-J National Progress Report Japan 2016

NAMMCO-26-NPR-R National Progress Report Russian Federation 2016

NPR Catches – 2016 and 2017

NAMMCO-26-NPR-F-17 National Progress Report Faroe Islands 2017

NAMMCO-26-NPR-G-17 National Progress Report Greenland 2017

NAMMCO-26-NPR-I-17 National Progress Report Iceland 2017

NAMMCO-26-NPR-N-17 National Progress Report Norway 2017

Opening statements

NAMMCO-26 Opening Statements


Management Committees

NAMMCO-MC-01 Joint list of Documents for the Management Committees

NAMMCO-MC-02 Joint Meeting of the Management Committees: Annotated Agenda Revised March 04 WITH START TIME on Tuesday 6 March

NAMMCO-MC-03 Management Committee – Seals and Walrus: Annotated agenda revised 27 February

NAMMCO-MC-04 Management Committee Cetaceans Annotated Agenda

NAMMCO-MC-05 Proposals for Conservation and Management

NAMMCO-MC-06 Summary of Requests

UPDATED Joint MC Draft Report with-comments incorporated

UPDATED MC Cetaceans Draft-report with comments incorporated

UPDATED MCSW Draft-report-with comments incorporated

Interviews of Chairs and former Chairs with the Performance review Panel

Schedule with location

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