Harbour Porpoise Meeting Documents

Here you will find the meeting documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO Harbour Porpoise Working Group, as well as workshops and symposia on harbour porpoises. Some of these documents require a password for access. Final reports are uploaded in the library.

7-10 November 2022, Oslo, Norway

The Harbour Porpoise Working Group (HPWG) will meet the days 7-10th of November 2022 in Oslo (Norway) to conduct an assessment of the Harbour porpoise population in Norway and to review the data available for an assessemnt of pilot whales and Lagenorhynchus dolphins in 2023. The meeting will be chaired by Bjarni Mikkelsen (FO).

01 Agenda

02 List of Participants

03 List of Documents (Updated 10/11/2022)

Meeting Documents (password protected)

19-22 March 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Harbour Porpoise Working Group (HPWG) will meet at the Faroes Representation in Copenhagen from 19-22 March 2019 under the Chairmanship of Bjarni Mikkelsen (FO). The meeting is open to members of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee and invited experts.

The HPWG will: a) Conduct an assessment of the sustainability of the harvest of harbour porpoise in West Greenland; b) Review assessments performed in other areas by the IMR/NAMMCO Harbour Porpoise Workshop in 2018; c) Identify knowledge gaps and needs for further research; d) Assess impacts from non-hunting related anthropogenic stresses (pollution, climate change, noise etc).

Meeting documents (updated 20.03.2019)

01 – Agenda

02 – List of Participants

03 – List of Documents

Working and For Information Documents (only available to participants)

3-7 December 2018, Tromsø, Norway

This international workshop on the Status of Harbour Porpoises in the North Atlantic was organised by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and NAMMCO, in cooperation with scientists from the Sea Mammal Research Unit (UK), NEFSC-NOAA Fisheries (US), Fisheries and Oceans (Canada), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland), and the University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden).

The North Atlantic harbour porpoise is subject to increasing anthropogenic activities, including directed and incidental removals, noise and chemical pollution and other anthropogenic disturbances, as well as effects from climate and environmental changes. The goal of the workshop was to update the 1999 NAMMCO review, taking into account the 2008 IUCN assessment, and report on the conservation status of the North Atlantic harbour porpoise population(s). This current review will outline knowledge gaps and will provide recommendations for monitoring and research priorities for future assessments in this region.


The aims of the workshop were:

–               to identify the appropriate assessment units (populations/sub-populations/ecological stocks/management units/assessment units) for harbour porpoises in the North Atlantic and/or knowledge gaps for doing so

And for each assessment unit:

–               review information on distribution, abundance, directed and incidental catches, and life history parameters, in order to determine if it reaches the threshold for conducting a quantitative assessment

–               identify knowledge gaps and define research priorities and opportunities to cooperate to assess the conservation status within each unit, as well as monitoring requirements within each unit.


01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Participants list

4-6 November 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting Documents

01 – Participants List

02 – Agenda

03 – Documents List

04 – FI24 – Working Documents and For Information Documents (Only available to participants)

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