Narwhal & Beluga WG

Here you will find the meeting documents of past and upcoming meetings of the NAMMCO Narwhal & Beluga Working Group. Some of these documents require a password for access. Final reports are uploaded in the library.

24-27 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

An Ad hoc Working Group on Narwhal in East Greenland will meet at the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen between 24-27 September 2019.

The terms of reference for the meeting are:

  1. Review the latest information on surveys in East Greenland including options for updating the surveys from the 1980s.
  2. Review information of satellite tracking of narwhals in East Greenland
  3. Present the latest information on genetic discrimination of stocks in East Greenland
  4. Assess the importance of climate change on the distribution of narwhals in East Greenland
  5. Compile hunting statistics and information from hunters on availability of narwhals
  6. Assess the future sustainability of catches

Meeting documents

01 – Draft Agenda

02 – Draft List of Participants

03 – Draft List of Documents (updated 25.09.2019)

Working and For Information Documents (only available to participants)

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